The Art of Writing

Writings examples from my graduate school time and work for companies

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it fun to read.

― Leo Burnett

Siemens Innovation Communiation

Siemens has a prestigious innovation magazine ‘Pictures of the Future‘ (PoF) which provides a view into the future based on the innovations their research and development teams are currently working on. In 2012, I was part of their innovation communication team producing the magazine. This article is about Innovation driven by a Knowledge Sharing Culture.

The Perfect Pitch

What does it take to keep your main arguments concise for your business plan in less then half a page?
Keeping it short and crisp is much more of a challenge then writing several pages. For the DePaul Launch New Venture Competition I had to write a 90-second-pitch, that moved the audience, convinced the judges and won us $ 4,000. Blog Post

A great mentor can change your life. I’m fortunate that I had tremendous people mentoring me. For “Culpwrite”, I wrote a guest blog entry about how to find a mentor:  “7 Must-Know Career Tips From Great Mentors”.

Zapwater Agency Profile

In our class Agency Management with Ron Culp, we had the opportunity to create agency profiles for the PRSA Chicago website. My profile is about the boutique agency Zapwater. The profile is based on information provided by the agency, further research as well as an in-person interview with the founder David Zapata. With an infographic, I expressed the information in a visual appealing deliverable.